Combat Life’s Odors with a Scent Machine

Whether you’re consciously aware of it or not, a mystical force is continuously at work in the world. In your car, at the office, throughout the grocery store, inside your home and surrounding you in the great outdoors, items are constantly interacting with the oxygen around them, causing an unseen, unheard chemical reaction. Simply stated, it’s a form of evaporation prompting everything with any sort of moisture inside it to emit silent, invisible molecules.

Those molecules permeate the air, eventually invading your nasal passages. Once inside, they seek out highly sensitive neurons covered in tiny hair-like structures known as cilia. Ultimately, they cling fast to those cilia and trigger the process of olfaction.

In short, things give off scents, and you smell them. Sometimes, it’s a warm, enjoyable sensation and even one capable of bringing back pleasant memories. Other times, you just don’t want to remember the tuna salad you had for lunch yesterday or wonder what vile substance the dog could’ve possibly gotten into within the confines of your backyard fence.

Though store shelves are lined with products designed to mimic the world’s nicer smells while masking the not-so-pleasing ones, not all of them are created equal. One of the newest and most effective options on the market is what you might consider a scent machine. Using aromatic oils, these devices diffuse pleasant aromas across their designated spaces. Some help clear the air in small areas like bathrooms or vehicles whereas others are designed to cover more extensive square footage.

Sprays you’ll find on any store shelf smell nice enough, but their effects are short-lived. On top of that, you can feel their effects raining down on your skin and hear them splattering across your floors and counters as soon as you spray them into the air. Some cause skin irritation, and a few can even trigger asthma attacks if sprayed at the wrong time near the wrong person. Wax warmers don’t have quite the same negative side-effects, but they don’t cover much space and can lead to burns.

When life stinks, oil diffusers can help give you a refreshed outlook on the world around you. Aromas like eucalyptus, citrus, crushed lime and mint, newly cut grass and even fresh-baked bread replace the odors of food, trash cans, pets and lived-in rooms. Diffusers generate longer-lasting and more widespread scents than other products without chemicals or high heat.